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Web design: The elements of Aesthetics

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Web design: The elements of Aesthetics

A great website is one that connects with its visitors. Connect with your visitors, grab their attention, and they will stay longer than they planned to! 

A website represents your company in the online world. Carefully craft and create a brand image, an image, and design scheme that best represents your company- a design scheme that will easily be identified with your company.

The focus on aesthetics is crucial to a website’s success because humans are visual beings. A well laid out website that engages effectively with its users boosts the credibility of a company.

Here are a few important elements to create a visually appealing and pleasing website, according to the very best of web designers in Knutsford:

The Layout

Coordinate the colour, fonts, graphics, and content to bring the prime message to a potential client or customer.

A website has about 0.05 seconds to impress or push away a visitor.

Colour Scheme

Create a memorable brand image- an image that people can easily associate with your company’s physical building.

Pay attention to the colour you want to represent your company. What does your company want to project to its users? Your website’s colour theme can give users the message you want to project.

The Font

It’s not a good idea to pick any font that pops up in the font options. Choose a font that will best fit your company, a font, or a set of fonts that can be best integrated into your website layout.


The website is all set and decorated. The content will bring meaning to the existence of your website. 

The content is the reason people come to your site in the first place. The content should be informative, give users the answers to their queries, and bring in new information. 

Adding custom made images and videos to the right spots on the site help bring the content to life.

Usability: Positive User Experience 

Is your website navigable? A hard to navigate website is a massive put-off. 

A website may have a beautiful layout. But if a user does not understand its functioning, all the efforts on making it beautiful are for hardly anything.

A website should be easily navigable, usually, with a familiar navigation style. You can opt for a visible, laid out navigation menu or use the hamburger navigation to hide menus and create more content space.

Also, make use of the end space after the content. The footer is a good enough space for adding a navigation menu. Provide space for users to rate their experience, give their opinions, and get useful feedback from users through email. 

Adding address to your website helps improve the credibility of your website as customers feel that a company that can be reached and is responsive is more trustworthy.

An intuitive website that adapts to different devices is a feature that is expected from any website. More people browse the net using a smartphone than on a desktop or laptop. And, making your site mobile-friendly is another way to earn plus points on search engine rankings.

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