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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Marketing Strategies

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Festive planning is always a job for earlier on in the year, but your brand or business should be ready to tackle this festive shopping period. By reaching your target audience before your competitors, you’ll ensure that your business is their first choice each time they make a purchase. 

2021 has already been another crazy year; with more online purchases taking place than in previous years; consumers are looking to avoid busy places and make their shopping easier. At Web Design Knutsford, we have already put into place our marketing strategies for the varying platforms we use, but what if you’re late to the party? Here are some things you can do last minute to help the engagement of your website and marketing. 

Identify Holiday Relevant Keywords

Keyword research is of high importance when it comes to holiday optimisations. Keyword Research will give you an idea of what keywords are competitive and make it hard for you to rank your website higher. Throughout the research, you can identify keywords that were searched more than others during this period last year. A strategic move for your business would be to focus on purchase-intent words that have relevance to your business with high search volumes but low competition. 

Landing Pages

Creating a landing page or homepage that focuses on Black Friday and Cyber Monday will help your website rank well during this period. If you’re only just thinking about this festive season, then you are a bit too late; waiting till November won’t give you enough time to optimise pages and allow search crawlers to scan and rank your website. There are things you can do at this point to help you rank higher, but a new landing page is not a good idea. 

Let email marketing boost your sales

Email Marketing is an effective tool to use, especially when turning a web user into a loyal customer, so why not utilise it? Catchy titles and descriptions with the most vital information will win the hearts of your customers, but you’ll need to research the competition to know what you’re up against. Offering discounts early on will definitely get your customers to buy during this festive period. But, you can also boost the mood of your audience with emails and social media posts all about the upcoming holiday season.

Use the power of Social media

In 2015, a study revealed that 3.8 million social media posts mentioned Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. This may sound like you have a lot of competition when it comes to engaging in a successful Black Friday or Cyber Monday campaign. However, there is a solution! As a business, you should know what your audience wants to see, so with this in mind; you can create engaging and personalised content for your social channels which show your deals or offers for this festive season.

Remember that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are perfect opportunities to increase the traffic to your website and social channels. Even if you aren’t offering massive discounts or offers, you can still utilise the festive shopping holidays in many ways.

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