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Holiday SEO Tips: How to Win Big on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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Web Design Knutsford

With the holiday season closing in, consumers will rush to make all kinds of purchases. Whether Black Friday or Cyber Monday, both big and small-scale online business establishments have to gear up with new SEO techniques to stay on top of the retailing game.  

Our team at Web Deisgn Knutsford have put together some fundamental tips you can opt for: 

  • Double-check your site’s performance 

To achieve maximum optimisation:

  1. Make sure that your site is functioning efficiently without any technical glitches.
  2. Fix your URLs and keep a regular tab on your site’s loading sheet.
  3. Aim for quick loading of your page by removing out-of-date and duplicate content.

Simultaneously, your site should be both mobile and desktop-friendly. Your site should be able to stand the test of Google’s wrath so that it does not fall into the category of ‘broken-down website.’ 

  • Follow up with trends from the past. 

To boost your site’s performance, be updated with the previous year’s techniques of which strategy worked and which failed. This strategy is an intelligent way of expecting where the holiday traffic will be initiated from. The critical point here is that you need to identify the sites that delivered the most organic traffic, particularly in the face of the 2019 onset of the pandemic. Analyse your competitor’s data, websites and channels too. Identify which manoeuvring system seems to work best for you and try to incorporate them this year.  

  • Come up with smart holiday keywords.  

The keywords you apply to your site will determine the success of your SEO. Try to avoid those keywords that many e-commerce sites are using. Do your research and analyse which holiday keywords were the most searched on the Google console last year and if you can expect the same for this year too. Tap into the mind of the consumer. If you were looking to buy big on a Black Friday or Cyber Monday, what would you first look for, in the most general sense? Always aim for the most general keywords such as ‘holiday gifts’ or ‘best Christmas gift you can give your loved ones this 2021.’  

  • Create such a page that your site shows up when consumers type Black Friday and Cyber Monday 

The primary aim here is to make sure your site pops up during holiday-relevant searches. Your warehouse of hidden pages must be added to your website navigation map to allow traffic. Create pages in advance and store them in a 302 redirect rather than the 301 redirects; these hidden pages will be on standby for when you need them, thus giving you enough time to optimize the other pages. Additionally, make sure that you can redirect your site crawlers to your new pages without much hassle; thus, they get full access to holiday deals.  


If you incorporate these four basic steps, your site crawlers are more likely to come back to your page even in the future for any holiday-related shopping deals and offers.

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