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Is SEO Still Important in 2020?

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Is SEO Still Important in 2020?

Statistics have shown that since the year 2016, the amount of internet traffic has grown by about 35%. Furthermore, it is estimated that by 2025 the growth will be twice this number. In such a situation, Knutsford SEO or Search Engine Optimization is becoming even more critical. Right now, in 2020, SEO is holding a crucial spot in determining the performance of any website. This article will discuss some of the points that prove SEO is still essential in 2020. Knowing these points will help you make decisions more wisely!

SEO brings organic traffic

Organic traffic is non-induced traffic where visitors come to the website through search engines. This has been the most significant and most prevalent source of views for all the websites. No matter how much you pay for views, those sources will bring a short term increase in website engagement. If your organic traffic is low, in the long run, your website will suffer. The only way to properly and steadily increase the organic traffic of your website is SEO. You can rank up your website in the search results and increases organic traffic by adding the right keywords, optimizing the URL, proper backlinking, and more.

Algorithms keep updating

Google and other search engines create algorithms that filter and rank the search result. SEO uses these algorithms’ filter mechanisms to our benefit and makes our websites rank within the top 10 search results. As long as Google keeps updating these algorithms, SEO will remain prevalent. Recently Google has introduced a new algorithm known as BERT in 2019. This algorithm changes how a search of a person is processed. Accordingly, SEO techniques are changing to provide excellent services to clients.

The results page keeps changing

Google is one of the fastest-growing search engines in the world. It has updated its result page hundreds of times since its inception. Recently it has become more dynamic by showing location results, knowledge cards, snippets, metadata, website options, and more. The SEO functionality is increasing proportionately to include all of these features within the optimizations. Therefore SEO is mandatory to comply with all of the Google search result features.

SEO is more than just keywords

In recent times cramming in the right type of keywords within your website will not guarantee the number 1 spot. For example, if the user searches for something to gain information or knowledge, Google shows knowledge cards. These knowledge cards take the number 1 position. So if your website doesn’t have that feature incorporated, it won’t get the number 1 spot even with the right type of keywords.


SEO is always evolving. It is implementing the latest features and is tackling the latest algorithms to provide you with a better experience. Development of search engines and SEO goes hand in hand. Therefore the question of whether SEO is still necessary or not is invalid. SEO will continue to provide some of the best optimizations possible. Since the development of SEO is never stagnant, it will always continue to be necessary.

Therefore stop thinking and start implementing!

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