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SEO for eCommerce Websites 2020

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SEO for eCommerce Websites 2020

The eCommerce industry is probably the largest client of SEO businesses. The fate of eCommerce websites itself and the profits lay in the hands of SEO. Therefore these websites are always in need of some top-notch optimization.

Recently Google has made quite many changes to its results page for supporting online markets and eCommerce websites. SEO for eCommerce has, therefore, evolved to be much greater than just keyword optimization.

This article will discuss some SEO optimizations that are essential for eCommerce websites in the current year 2020 and beyond!

Crawling and Indexing

Google has introduced different cards within its search results that can feature products from eCommerce websites. If you want to make use of this feature, you need to make your website from Knutsford developers highly crawl-able and easily index-able.

Google features these cards above all the website search results. Therefore you need to strive for this #0 rank to get the maximum clicks and engagements.

Optimized schema markup

The schema markup is a collection of HTML tags that Google can use to display specific search results.

For example, your search intent is to buy a new watch. Google will show different watches from different eCommerce platforms in its shopping tabs. If Google finds the right schema tag, it can also list their price, availability, rating, and more.

Therefore optimizing the schema tag is mandatory for providing your customer with an overall fantastic experience.

Using long-tail keywords

Research and statistics have shown that long-tail keywords work better in the case of eCommerce websites. This is because people often search with a ‘product + description’ format.

Usually, Keyword research tools can dig out one-word keywords. Therefore one of the best places to find these keywords is amazon.com’s search bar. Just type in your product name and see long-tail keywords popping.

Optimize your website for mobile phones

More than half of the traffic produced on eCommerce websites is from mobile devices. Therefore you must optimize your website so that it is adaptable to a mobile display.

It should be touch-interface friendly and should load up quickly. The last thing you want is a cumbersome and slow mobile website.

Focus on the content

Google is updating its search algorithms to focus on intent-based results. This means the effectiveness of keywords is slowly decreasing. Your content should directly relate to the intents of customers and visitors.

Therefore make sure you invest in your website so that it contains compelling and high-quality content and write-ups.


Google is making rapid changes within its search result page to make it convenient for both the visitors and the businesses. It is explicitly bringing in new changes to the page so that eCommerce businesses can adapt to those and get a chance to flourish.

This makes it mandatory for the SEO businesses to adapt itself to comply with these changes and implement them into websites. It’s time that the focus gets shifted from conventional keyword optimization to a more in-depth and robust optimization system.

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