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Top 5 Trends in Web Design

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It is so hard to keep up with the ever-changing trends in web design. One moment you feel like you got it, and the next moment it’s changed. With more than 27 million web designers out there, new trends and predictions keep coming every day. Many disappear after enjoying their ‘few seconds of fame.’

But there are some trends which succeed in leaving behind their marks. Minimalisms, the use of flat features, are recurring trends. Trying to keep up with all these trends is like going for a wild goose chase. However, as a web designer, you must have a basic sense of where the market is flowing. Knowing this is essential to evolve your style and see its usability in the current context.

To help you do just that, below is our list of the top 5 trends in web designing:

Use of imperfect personal elements

The use of emotional elements like imperfect drawings or scribbled elements brings a sense of humanity into websites. The rigid, structured, and formal themes had dominated designing for way too long. People are craving some informal touch.

Hand-drawn elements give realness to the design and radiate positivity. Use of cartoonish elements and careless dribbles are seen on many websites today. It sets apart a website from others.

Dark Mode

This simple trend has been dominating the market for quite some time and is going nowhere anytime soon. The dark mode theme places light-coloured text, icons, and user interface (UI) elements behind the dark background. This gives the design a clean, majestic, and dynamic look.

They are perfect for OLED screens, saving power, and increasing screen lifespan. This trend is seemingly visible on almost every popular website. Facebook Messenger, YouTube, Instagram, Viber, WhatsApp, and even Chrome love it.

Dark mode has a high possibility of ending up as a web design classic.

3D elements

This is such an enticing design, thanks to technological advancement. The sense of realism can keep visitors longer on the website. It makes the imagery very fun and engaging.

Also, plenty of tools are available for designing in 3D. We can safely say that until Virtual Reality (VR) pricing becomes a reality, 3D will be happily in use.

White Space Frames

Designers are digging this minimalism trend. The focus is on the main subject over the design overload. Here neatly structured frames provide the users with a sense of calmness. It gives a stable visual to the designs. The users can easily comprehend the relationship between the elements with minimum distraction around. It creates a visual hierarchy which the users can quickly identify.

Use of Glowing and Luminous Colours

The use of glowing and luminous tone is making head-back this season. Bold neon colours like green, blue, yellow, and purple give our designs a futuristic vibe. These colours with deeper themed backgrounds make your website to jump off the screen. The use of duotone in this trend makes websites visually more appealing.

Trends reflect the popular opinion of the people. To be successful as a web designer, it is essential to know the market mood on popular designs. This will help you come up with compatible, usable designs according to the users’ needs. Successful web designing is one art that cannot be done in isolation, and every web designer should adapt to this reality.

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