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Ways To Prepare Your eCommerce Website For Black Friday Cyber Monday

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Black Friday Cyber Monday is the best sale day of the year. If you plan to run some e-commerce activities during this holiday, here are some tips for you to prepare your website for the busy shopping season.

Optimise your product pages 

Product descriptions and images should be short and precise. They should not be overloaded with unnecessary text and keywords to boost up the ranking. You must avoid using terms like “Buy one get one free” or “60% off” as they put off your customers away from buying.

When you write product descriptions, keep in mind the keywords your potential customers might use to find your products on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Add product videos 

Many of us like watching videos than reading lengthy texts. So adding product videos on your product page will attract more traffic and boost up the conversion rate of your website.

Use social networks 

Social media is a potent tool, and it can help you reach millions of people. You can use them to spread the word about your special offer to attract more traffic to your site and also ask them to share their views with others on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.

Use SEO best practices.

 SEO will help to increase the visibility of product pages in search engines. If someone is searching for a particular product, you want them to find yours first! The more visible your product pages are in search engines, the better chance you have at closing a sale.

Boost your search engine optimisation (SEO) game

These two days are big for online retailers because they’re often when their customers are most in need of specific products they can’t find anywhere else, but they’re also expecting the best possible deals they can get on those products. This means that if you want to make money during Black Friday Cyber Monday, you’ll need to make sure your eCommerce website is optimised for SEO.

Focus on mobile compatibility

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are busy days for many eCommerce businesses, but if your website isn’t mobile compatible, you’re missing out on many potential sales.

Before you start receiving a tremendous amount of traffic from mobile users, take some time to check if your website is mobile compatible or not. If it isn’t, you need to ensure your website functions correctly on a mobile device. Designing a mobile-friendly website can be a costly business, so you should get started sooner rather than later.

PPC, SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media, Display Ads … the list goes on. There are so many ways to market your business online that it’s hard to know where to start. At Web Design Knutsford, our team would recommend focussing on the basics first.

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