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At Web Design Knutsford, our team of experienced professionals are dedicated to managing every aspect of your live shoot production.

We understand the importance of creating a powerful tool to showcase your brand and what you do. With our Live Shoot video production service, we cover every stage of the process, from the initial concept and research, through to the final delivery of the edited footage. Trust us to create a stunning video that truly represents your brand.

Live Shoot


½ day shoot

1 Day edit

1 set of amends



2D Animation

1 Minuite Long

2 Days Production



2 Hours flight time

All Un-edited work

20 edited images



½ day shoot

1 Day edit

1 set of amends

Web Design Knutsford is a company with years of experience. We will create a fun, creative and high quality videography that will get you noticed.

Whether you want to explain how your product can be used, or how your service works, or whether you want to introduce your company to your visitors, a video can give you the right start.

Before starting the production process, define clear objectives for your corporate video. Determine what you want to achieve, whether it’s increasing brand awareness, showcasing a new product, educating your audience, or something else.

Develop a script and storyboard to plan the narrative and visual elements of your video. This helps ensure a cohesive and organized presentation of your message.

Invest in or hire professional video equipment, including cameras, lighting, and audio recording equipment. Quality equipment is essential for achieving a polished and professional look.

Choose appropriate locations and sets for filming. Whether it’s in your office, a studio, or on-site at a specific location, make sure the setting aligns with your message and brand.

Hire or collaborate with a skilled production team, including a director, cinematographer, editor, and sound engineer. Their expertise is crucial for capturing high-quality footage and sound.

Incorporate engaging visuals into your video to keep viewers interested. This could include animations, graphics, B-roll footage, and other creative elements that enhance the storytelling.

Editing is a critical phase of video production. Use professional video editing software to refine your footage, add transitions, graphics, and music, and ensure the final product aligns with your objectives and brand identity.

Our animation Knutsford experts will then develop the animation pixel by pixel to deliver the end product.


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